The Secret to LOVING the food you HATE

The Secret to LOVING the food you HATE


The holidays are coming,  and with it many of our favorite foods. Can you envisions biting into Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie (or insert your favorite holiday dish here)?  What do you do? You  “oooo” and “ahhh” as you take that first bite, and a rush of feelings of pleasure and happiness follow.

How would you like to have this same experience with the foods that you HATE?


Let’s start with thinking of your least favorite food. For me, I don’t like eggplant or tomatoes. I know what you are thinking, a dietitian not liking a vegetable? Say it ain’t so! But, I do eat both of these because I know they are good for me. I’ll admit sometimes I make a face as I hold my nose and swallow them down. That doesn’t look very good when I’m in public. So how can I enjoy these foods that I know are good for me when my taste buds don’t agree?

 The secret to loving ANY food can be as simple as changing your facial expression  

The saying goes, change your face, change your outcome. This is called the facial feedback hypothesis. Research shows that when we give a facial expression our mood follows. When we bite into a piece of Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie it sends triggers to our brains that it is a pleasurable experience, but when we follow that with a positive facial expression that emotion is intensified. You can have this same experience with your least favorite foods by connecting them with a positive facial expression.

Finally you can get enjoyment from eating foods that are good for you.  Try combining a positive facial expression with your least favorite foods.  Tell me how it works for you!

Source:  Success Magazine

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Lucky 13 Rainy Day Workout

Lucky 13 Rainy Day Workout

For National Nutrition Month we are “biting into a healthy lifestyle.” Yes, we are the Kansas City DIETITIANS but part of a healthy lifestyle is also exercise. You can find thousands of workouts on Pinterest, but sometimes it takes having a workout show up in your inbox or come across your newsfeed to motivate you to get movin’.

Spring officially starts tomorrow and here in the Midwest we have dipped into a bit of a cold spell from our 80 degree spoilfest. I have shared in the past about how my little 10-week-old keeps me pretty busy. It seems I always run out of time and energy to get a good workout in. I came across this post from my friends at Vital Leadership and found it very motivating to take advantage of any minutes and energy I have.  I don’t always have to be running a marathon to make my workout count!

Before you get started, if you are not planning to use cardio equipment pick an easy, medium, and hard cardio activity. They can be walking or jogging in place, jumping jacks, stairs, or my all-time favorite burpees. If you are using a piece of cardio equipment pick an easy, medium, and hard setting. I have to add the disclaimer that you should consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Begin with a 5-minute warm up of easy cardio. Don’t forget to warm up your shoulders and trunk with some trunk twists and arm swings.

Don't just "pin it" DO IT!

Don’t just “pin it” DO IT!

Cool down OR go into a second set. 

Need more? One of my favorite workout infused blogs is .



 Do you have a favorite workout routine or blog to follow?

Comment below with your favorites.

Could ya would ya ain’t ya gonna if I asked you

Could ya would ya ain’t ya gonna if I asked you
Would ya wanna try a veggie tonight? 

A country song written and sung by Wonder Dietitian

Are you on medication? 

Do you know that there is a very good chance that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON THAT MEDICATION?!! 

No, the health care crisis is not Obama’s fault.  It is not the Congress’ fault. It is not the pharmaceutical companies fault. I know this is very tough to take…

 but the health care crisis falls square on YOUR shoulders. 

This past week Dr. Oz came toKansas Cityand did 1000 physicals.  He found that surprise, surprise Kansas Cityis the second most obese city in the nation.  We have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and our vessels are clogged with barbeque.

It is time to face the music (to accept the unpleasant results of one’s actions.)  Your medical bills and medication costs can both be traced right back to your lunch

You are committing “ingesticide” -the excessive intake of non-nutritive foodstuffs resulting in chronic disease, diminished quality of life and early death.

3 steps to get healthy and get off your meds:

1.  Eat only fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and grains. 

2.  Use no salt in/on your food.

3.  Eat lots and lots and lots of veggies!  They make you sexy, you know.

(Yes, number 3 is mostly a repeat of number 1.  But, who would believe me if I told you I could get you off most of your medications in only 2 easy steps.  Who do you think I am Wonder Dietitian or something?)

Luv, WD

For Sale: Pop-up Kitchen Table Complete with Food

For Sale:  Pop-up Kitchen Table Complete with Food by Kansas City Dietitian Glenna Moe

My ulterior motive for writing the last Blog about using your kitchen table for meals was to prepare you for my new venture.  Since being a Dietitian has gotten me”NOWHERE” I have invented a kitchen table that you can carry with you and just pop up.  By pressing the appropriate button it will open with a tantalizing breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

The breakfast options will include options such as Greek yogurt Parfaits, Peanut butter whole grain waffle squares, Veggie Scramble roll-ups and more delicious choices.

The lunch options will include options such as Greek salad with grilled chicken breast and Veggie tacos.

Dinner will delight the senses with Grilled Dill Salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus or Roasted Fall Veggies served on garlic buttered quinoa with grilled steak medallions. 

The cost will be prohibitive but hey, I have to make up for the loss of the big bucks I have been making as a dietitian. 

There of course is another option.  Spend less than 30 minutes a day and prepare all of this yourself.  Then, eat at the old kitchen table where your 6 year old spilled fingernail polish 10 years ago. 

Life flies by.  Children grow up.  Enjoy these precious moments while you still have them. 

If you need some simple recipes and meal ideas, check out my Healthy in a Hurry Recipes

…Pop up kitchen table complete with food, geeze how gullible are you?  I think I will run for a political office.  If I promised a “pop-up table in every kitchen” would you vote for me? I can certainly make empty promises as well as the next guy.  

Luv, WD

Help! The Kitchen Table has been Stolen!

Help!  The Kitchen Table has been Stolen!  A blog by Kansas City Dietitian

I have been rushing around like a chicken with its head cut offtrying to save the world by pushing sexy veggies.  And I have been getting absolutely NO WHERE!

(♫ No where Dietitian, sitting in her No where Land,
Making all her nowhere plans
for nobody♫- surely you remember the song that the Beatles wrote for me.)

Anyway, did you notice that the kitchen tables in the American home have been stolen?  Yes, folks the main reason for a crummy diet is the disappearance of the kitchen table.

Why kitchen tables are the solution to halt  obesity and poor nutrition habits in America:

The kitchen table is where:

  • Children are introduced to new foods like SEXY VEGGIES!
  • Children watch what their parents eat and learn that beets taste good.
  • The Parents eat their veggies in front of their kids to be good role models for their kids.
  • People socialize and communicate.
  • People learn and practice good manners.
  • Families share food, love, respect and family values.


Things that are NOT a kitchen table:

  • The inside  of a car
  • A couch in front of a television/video game
  • A bed
  • A bleacher at some kid’s game or practice
  • A desk in front of a computer


For heaven’s sake America!  Wake up!  Make a decent meal and sit down at the kitchen table and eat.  And PUT DOWN THAT CELL PHONE!


…♫ please listen,
you don’t know what you’re missing,
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.

Take your time, don’t hurry, ♫
Luv, Nowhere WD


I Dream in Coral

A Coral Blog written by a Coral Dietitian in Kansas City

It seems that everywhere I look I see coral.  Coral chairs, coral birds, coral lanterns, coral ribbons, coral coral…  I fear I may be going crazy.  Or maybe my color vision has been reduced to mono-vision and the one color I can see is coral. (Of course another logical reason might be that my sweet little baby daughter just got married and she filled our house with coral stuff.) 

I have found in my mature wisdom when life gives you coral lemons, just go with it.  (You thought I was going to say- make coral lemonade didn’t you? Ha!  How ridiculous!)  

So, I am “going with” coral. 

As you know I am always harping on you to colorize your plate.  Colors found in fruits and veggies decrease the inflammation caused by our western diet.  These plant nutrients change the reactivity of the oxygen molecules in our body to enable it to fight off cancers, heart disease and other nasty things, some of which might also be coral but we won’t discuss these.     

So, what foods could possibly be coral?  Luckily I have about 20 different shades of coral just lying around my house so I can match most foods to one shade or another: 

coral grapefruit, coral peaches, coral guava, coral salmon, coral peppers, coral pumpkin, coral cantaloupe, coral apples, coral broccoli, coral spinach, coral blueberries, coral hot dogs- hold it!!

You would have to eat all of these foods listed to negate just one wild meal of hot dogs.

Since we are on the subject of tailgating and hot dogs- (Don’t ask me how I jumped to tailgating from coral, blame it on Mother of the Bride exhaustion!)

Let me just say- If you decide to go against all nutrition wisdom and eat a hot dog, be sure to eat some coral foods too.

By the way, if you need 217 coral chair covers for your next hot dog roast just let me know. 

Coral-lie WD