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A wise Blog written by wise Dietitian, Glenna Moe.

Having grown tired of “news programs” (I use that term loosely-is it really news that Kim K. has a new boyfriend?) and their spin on politics, I have decided there is a much better method for selecting the best candidate for President, Governor, Dog Catcher or whatever.  Let’s elect the candidate based on his/her vegetable consumption.  Each candidate completes a 3 Day food record.  The candidate with the greatest intake of colorful veggies wins.  Simple.  Fair.  We could be done with robo calls, annoying news programs on whether women are actually working if they are home with a two year old.  Any woman (or man) who has spent 5 days in a row home alone with a two year old can answer that question without the news media telling her/him that it was/was not “Work.” 

Anyway, the real question is:  does the candidate eat his veggies?

Why is this so crucial you may be asking?  A person who regularly eats a wide variety of veggies is smarter than one who does not.  Oh my, you say, that is a bold statement.  However, I make this statement with total confidence.

Logical Argument:

  1. Veggies are jam packed full of disease fighting anti-artery clogging anti-oxidants, ant-cancer vitamins and minerals, and in general pro-health substances. 
  2. People are full of “free radicals.”  (Immediately a picture of the hippies from the 70’s comes to mind).  Free radicals are those things that make us old and sick. 
  3. Veggies repair free radicals. 
  4. People who eat veggies have better blood flow to their brains. 
  5. Better blood flow to brains helps people  think better.
  6. Politicians do not eat veggies. 
  7. Mystery solved, now we know why the politicians can’t get a thing done. 

And that is why we should pick our elected officials based on their daily vegetable consumption. 

The End. 

P.S. Vote for me for Judge.  I’d make a great judge.  “Tell me sir, what did you eat for breakfast?  A sausage biscuit, you say?  Guilty as charged.  Next…”

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