Could ya would ya ain’t ya gonna if I asked you

Could ya would ya ain’t ya gonna if I asked you
Would ya wanna try a veggie tonight? 

A country song written and sung by Wonder Dietitian

Are you on medication? 

Do you know that there is a very good chance that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON THAT MEDICATION?!! 

No, the health care crisis is not Obama’s fault.  It is not the Congress’ fault. It is not the pharmaceutical companies fault. I know this is very tough to take…

 but the health care crisis falls square on YOUR shoulders. 

This past week Dr. Oz came toKansas Cityand did 1000 physicals.  He found that surprise, surprise Kansas Cityis the second most obese city in the nation.  We have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and our vessels are clogged with barbeque.

It is time to face the music (to accept the unpleasant results of one’s actions.)  Your medical bills and medication costs can both be traced right back to your lunch

You are committing “ingesticide” -the excessive intake of non-nutritive foodstuffs resulting in chronic disease, diminished quality of life and early death.

3 steps to get healthy and get off your meds:

1.  Eat only fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and grains. 

2.  Use no salt in/on your food.

3.  Eat lots and lots and lots of veggies!  They make you sexy, you know.

(Yes, number 3 is mostly a repeat of number 1.  But, who would believe me if I told you I could get you off most of your medications in only 2 easy steps.  Who do you think I am Wonder Dietitian or something?)

Luv, WD

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