The Secret to LOVING the food you HATE


The holidays are coming,  and with it many of our favorite foods. Can you envisions biting into Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie (or insert your favorite holiday dish here)?  What do you do? You  “oooo” and “ahhh” as you take that first bite, and a rush of feelings of pleasure and happiness follow.

How would you like to have this same experience with the foods that you HATE?


Let’s start with thinking of your least favorite food. For me, I don’t like eggplant or tomatoes. I know what you are thinking, a dietitian not liking a vegetable? Say it ain’t so! But, I do eat both of these because I know they are good for me. I’ll admit sometimes I make a face as I hold my nose and swallow them down. That doesn’t look very good when I’m in public. So how can I enjoy these foods that I know are good for me when my taste buds don’t agree?

 The secret to loving ANY food can be as simple as changing your facial expression  

The saying goes, change your face, change your outcome. This is called the facial feedback hypothesis. Research shows that when we give a facial expression our mood follows. When we bite into a piece of Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie it sends triggers to our brains that it is a pleasurable experience, but when we follow that with a positive facial expression that emotion is intensified. You can have this same experience with your least favorite foods by connecting them with a positive facial expression.

Finally you can get enjoyment from eating foods that are good for you.  Try combining a positive facial expression with your least favorite foods.  Tell me how it works for you!

Source:  Success Magazine

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