S’more laughs, less worry.

blonde woman washing a carrot using the sink

As a parent, you want the best for your family, and that includes nutrition.

Whether you’re tired from fighting with your kids about trying new foods, or exhausted from fighting for them in their medical journey, we know all that fighting can leave you feeling frustrated and stressed. Not to mention all the conflicting advice from friends, family, healthcare providers, and the internet about what to do and all the demands on your time and energy that prevent you from doing all those things. Then mom (or dad) guilt sets in.

Whether you’re dealing with picky eaters, food allergies, failure to thrive, or other clinical concerns, our pediatric-specialized dietitians can help you understand what’s really going to help, prioritize what’s most important, and make a sustainable action plan to help your child focus on enjoying their childhood and help you worry less.