I Dream in Coral

A Coral Blog written by a Coral Dietitian in Kansas City

It seems that everywhere I look I see coral.  Coral chairs, coral birds, coral lanterns, coral ribbons, coral coral…  I fear I may be going crazy.  Or maybe my color vision has been reduced to mono-vision and the one color I can see is coral. (Of course another logical reason might be that my sweet little baby daughter just got married and she filled our house with coral stuff.) 

I have found in my mature wisdom when life gives you coral lemons, just go with it.  (You thought I was going to say- make coral lemonade didn’t you? Ha!  How ridiculous!)  

So, I am “going with” coral. 

As you know I am always harping on you to colorize your plate.  Colors found in fruits and veggies decrease the inflammation caused by our western diet.  These plant nutrients change the reactivity of the oxygen molecules in our body to enable it to fight off cancers, heart disease and other nasty things, some of which might also be coral but we won’t discuss these.     

So, what foods could possibly be coral?  Luckily I have about 20 different shades of coral just lying around my house so I can match most foods to one shade or another: 

coral grapefruit, coral peaches, coral guava, coral salmon, coral peppers, coral pumpkin, coral cantaloupe, coral apples, coral broccoli, coral spinach, coral blueberries, coral hot dogs- hold it!!

You would have to eat all of these foods listed to negate just one wild meal of hot dogs.

Since we are on the subject of tailgating and hot dogs- (Don’t ask me how I jumped to tailgating from coral, blame it on Mother of the Bride exhaustion!)

Let me just say- If you decide to go against all nutrition wisdom and eat a hot dog, be sure to eat some coral foods too.

By the way, if you need 217 coral chair covers for your next hot dog roast just let me know. 

Coral-lie WD

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