Are You Kind?

Did you see the interview with Olympic Swimmer Missy Franklin after she won Gold?  She made a statement that was certainly out of the ordinary for most winners.  She said “Her parents taught her to be kind to everyone.” 

Do you ever think about being more kind?  I have grown very tired of the vitriol we are all forced to endure.  This week has been particularly bad with the hate messages aimed at the “Eat More Chikin” company. 

The Social Media has been full of hate.  I am thinking it is time for this oldster to stop reading Facebook updates. 

However, before I do I want to challenge you to “Be Kind”. 

I happen to live with the kindest person I have ever met.  My husband is kind to babies, dogs, cats, elderly, teenagers, liberals, conservatives, moderates and any other living thing including trees. (And of course to Me!)

I challenge you to “BE KIND”!  I am going to work on it. 

And while you are at it, BE KIND to your body.

If you have high blood sugar, stop eating naked carbohydrates. 

If you have high blood pressure, stop eating salt and salty foods. 

If you have high cholesterol, stop eating junk food. 

I guess you can be hateful to your friends and relatives.  It is possible (but not always easy) to get new ones. 

But, if you are hateful to your own body, you are in big trouble. 

So, the next time you see me running around in my Wonder Dietitian Cape remind me to “Be Kind.” 

Kindly, WD

P.S. I’ve decided to not send a rattlesnake to you, since I have decided to be kind. 



Simple Mathematical Equations by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian

I love your emails and comments.  I had a great one that made my wordy blogs seem, well, wordy.  She cut to the chase with a simple mathematical equation. 


Hmm.  I think I will come up with my own equations. 

Fast food=fat+sugar+salt



American Diet=Obesity+Hypertension+Diabetes+Heart Disease+Cancer

Wow, this is fun!

Soda Pop=High Fructose Corn Syrup=Expensive Medications

Sexy Veggies=Anti-oxidants

Choosing your own destiny=exercise+sexy veggies

Gaining Power Over Junk Food=Fewer Medications

I could go on and on…..

Archies= Cutie Lead Singer, Ron Dante.  (Can you call a 67 year old a cutie?  1969-“Oh, Gee, isn’t he dreamy?”  2012- “Look at that cute little old man over there”.

WD=Crazy RD

P.S. Change your life with this simple equation.

Healthy Diet=Lean Protein+BROG

Blog by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian

Mary Poppins at Fault for Skyrocketing Diabetes Epidemic

So it appears I was wrong when I blamed the Archies entirely for our love affair with sugar.  Astute readers were quick to point out that we had other influences.  How could I have forgotten Sugar Shack by the Fireballs?  But probably the most onerous omission is none other than Mary Poppins and “A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down.”  And, if you consume plenty of sugar you are going to be buying lots of expensive of medicine for sure.

My patients always complain I am such a negative Nellie. I guess I need to stop reading research and going to medical meetings.

Remember the “Fat Meeting?”??

Remember looking in your cupboard for “oses”? 

It appears that sugars such as fructose, high fructose corn syrup and sucrose are truly evil.  And these sugars are found in almost all of our foods so we are continuously consuming them. 

Here are the facts Ma’am:  (Just the facts.)

Sucrose, Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup cause:

  • Liver toxicity
  • Every cell in your body to prematurely age
  • Your brain to trick you into increasing total food consumption
  • Increases in Triglycerides
  • Increases in LDL Cholesterol
  • Increases in fat that is stored around your organs
  • Insulin de-sensitivity resulting in diabetes
  • Increases in Apo-B (a marker for heart disease)

Let me make it simple.

And once again I am reminded of a song to hum while you read this. 

Let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start.  When you read you begin with ABC. When you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi.

When you gain weight you begin with fructose, HFCS and sucrose.  

Yes Maria Von Trapp aka Julie Andrews aka Mary Poppins,

Sugar makes you fat and sick. 

So, once again WD is here to rain on your parade. 

No, even though I want to sing “raindrops on kittens” I am going to refrain. No, I am not going to sing the refrain.   But, “these are a few of our favorite things,” aren’t they?

And thus we have the “Sound of Obesity” in America.  

In future Blogs I will provide”Hints from Heloise” on how to clean the sugars out of your house and body. 

Luv (without sugar on it),



Blog by Glenna Moe Kansas City Dietitian   


A Primer on Voting

A wise Blog written by wise Dietitian, Glenna Moe.

Having grown tired of “news programs” (I use that term loosely-is it really news that Kim K. has a new boyfriend?) and their spin on politics, I have decided there is a much better method for selecting the best candidate for President, Governor, Dog Catcher or whatever.  Let’s elect the candidate based on his/her vegetable consumption.  Each candidate completes a 3 Day food record.  The candidate with the greatest intake of colorful veggies wins.  Simple.  Fair.  We could be done with robo calls, annoying news programs on whether women are actually working if they are home with a two year old.  Any woman (or man) who has spent 5 days in a row home alone with a two year old can answer that question without the news media telling her/him that it was/was not “Work.” 

Anyway, the real question is:  does the candidate eat his veggies?

Why is this so crucial you may be asking?  A person who regularly eats a wide variety of veggies is smarter than one who does not.  Oh my, you say, that is a bold statement.  However, I make this statement with total confidence.

Logical Argument:

  1. Veggies are jam packed full of disease fighting anti-artery clogging anti-oxidants, ant-cancer vitamins and minerals, and in general pro-health substances. 
  2. People are full of “free radicals.”  (Immediately a picture of the hippies from the 70’s comes to mind).  Free radicals are those things that make us old and sick. 
  3. Veggies repair free radicals. 
  4. People who eat veggies have better blood flow to their brains. 
  5. Better blood flow to brains helps people  think better.
  6. Politicians do not eat veggies. 
  7. Mystery solved, now we know why the politicians can’t get a thing done. 

And that is why we should pick our elected officials based on their daily vegetable consumption. 

The End. 

P.S. Vote for me for Judge.  I’d make a great judge.  “Tell me sir, what did you eat for breakfast?  A sausage biscuit, you say?  Guilty as charged.  Next…”

Kansas City Dietitian Teaches Fractions



Start with a circle. A dinner plate is a circle.

Divide the circle into two equal parts.

Each piece is ½ of the circle.

Fill one of the halves with whole grain carbohydrate grams.

Divide the other half of the circle into two equal parts. Each part is ¼ of the entire circle.

Fill one of these quarters with lean protein grams.

Fill the other quarter with mono-unsaturated fat grams.

This is the template for healthy eating.

To remain healthy do not ignore this lesson in fractions.

Wild eyed crazy radicals (no I’m not talking about tea partiers, although tea is an excellent addition to any diet) sometimes decide that one of these halves or quarters are unnecessary. They may lose weight quickly (and then put back on twice as much, twice as fast. This will be covered in our lesson on exponentials, on another day).

Our next lesson will teach us how to translate these grams into actual food.

I mean really, what the heck is a lean protein gram?



Kansas City Eatmoretitian or Eatmoetitian?

Eatmoretitian or Eatmoetitian? You decide.


Notice the spelling difference? Just checking to see if you are reading these highly important blogs carefully.

One last note on my friend Sue.

Friday night is typically pizza night for Sue and her family. Since she has been on her diet, (which has been since she was approximately born) she is careful to eat only 2 little servings of pizza while the rest of her family enjoys the rest.

Friday night she decided to try something new. She grilled 4 ounces of salmon and steamed 1 ½ cups of fresh broccoli. Along with this she made a nice big salad with fresh summer tomatoes, red and green peppers, red onions, and romaine. She tossed some dried cranberries and sliced almonds on top just for fun. Then she drizzled about 1 ½ tablespoons of Persian lime olive oil and strawberry balsamic vinegar dressing on top.

Her family sat in shock as Sue ate a beautiful and full plate of yummy looking food.

Her husband said, “You aren’t going to eat all of that are you?” Her charming 13 year old son said, “Oink! Oink!! Mom.” Her daughter gasped and asked, “What about your diet?”

Instead of her typical cranky reply, (Sue tended to be cranky a lot since she never got to eat much and her weight never changed) she smiled sweetly and said “This IS my diet!”

Yes, Sue ate exactly the same calories this Friday night as she normally ate when she only ate the two greasy pizza slices.

See Sue smile.

Sue is happy. She is full. She feels so much better and she is losing over a pound every week.

(And best of all, her hair is starting to grow back in.)