For Sale: Pop-up Kitchen Table Complete with Food

For Sale:  Pop-up Kitchen Table Complete with Food by Kansas City Dietitian Glenna Moe

My ulterior motive for writing the last Blog about using your kitchen table for meals was to prepare you for my new venture.  Since being a Dietitian has gotten me”NOWHERE” I have invented a kitchen table that you can carry with you and just pop up.  By pressing the appropriate button it will open with a tantalizing breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

The breakfast options will include options such as Greek yogurt Parfaits, Peanut butter whole grain waffle squares, Veggie Scramble roll-ups and more delicious choices.

The lunch options will include options such as Greek salad with grilled chicken breast and Veggie tacos.

Dinner will delight the senses with Grilled Dill Salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus or Roasted Fall Veggies served on garlic buttered quinoa with grilled steak medallions. 

The cost will be prohibitive but hey, I have to make up for the loss of the big bucks I have been making as a dietitian. 

There of course is another option.  Spend less than 30 minutes a day and prepare all of this yourself.  Then, eat at the old kitchen table where your 6 year old spilled fingernail polish 10 years ago. 

Life flies by.  Children grow up.  Enjoy these precious moments while you still have them. 

If you need some simple recipes and meal ideas, check out my Healthy in a Hurry Recipes

…Pop up kitchen table complete with food, geeze how gullible are you?  I think I will run for a political office.  If I promised a “pop-up table in every kitchen” would you vote for me? I can certainly make empty promises as well as the next guy.  

Luv, WD

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