Lucky 13 Rainy Day Workout

For National Nutrition Month we are “biting into a healthy lifestyle.” Yes, we are the Kansas City DIETITIANS but part of a healthy lifestyle is also exercise. You can find thousands of workouts on Pinterest, but sometimes it takes having a workout show up in your inbox or come across your newsfeed to motivate you to get movin’.

Spring officially starts tomorrow and here in the Midwest we have dipped into a bit of a cold spell from our 80 degree spoilfest. I have shared in the past about how my little 10-week-old keeps me pretty busy. It seems I always run out of time and energy to get a good workout in. I came across this post from my friends at Vital Leadership and found it very motivating to take advantage of any minutes and energy I have.  I don’t always have to be running a marathon to make my workout count!

Before you get started, if you are not planning to use cardio equipment pick an easy, medium, and hard cardio activity. They can be walking or jogging in place, jumping jacks, stairs, or my all-time favorite burpees. If you are using a piece of cardio equipment pick an easy, medium, and hard setting. I have to add the disclaimer that you should consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Begin with a 5-minute warm up of easy cardio. Don’t forget to warm up your shoulders and trunk with some trunk twists and arm swings.

Don't just "pin it" DO IT!
Don’t just “pin it” DO IT!

Cool down OR go into a second set. 

Need more? One of my favorite workout infused blogs is .



 Do you have a favorite workout routine or blog to follow?

Comment below with your favorites.

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