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I am fed up!  (Do not interpret this as Over-fed.)  I have had it!  I am not going to put up with this unfair assault anymore.  Join PETBS (People for Ethical Treatment of Brussels Sprouts! Send your $100 membership fee today.)

Brussels sprouts facts:

  • Fact: If you type brussels sprouts the spell checker will capitalize it.  Why? Could it be their marvelous nutritious make-up?  Or maybe the little person who created spell checker had an absolute love of the little sprouts?
  • Fact: If you type brussel sprout the spell checker changes it to Brussels sprouts.  So, guess you can’t eat just 1.  Could it be they are like potato chips? Or was it that mischievous little spell checker person again?
  • Fact: I have not always loved these little cabbages.   I remember my first taste.  (Much like remembering your first kiss- you just never forget it.)  We were having Easter lunch with a family.  I was about 25 years old and a very picky eater.  I really tried to be polite and eat them but I swear they were the nastiest tasting things I had ever put in my mouth (next to liver- double ugh!)
  • Fact: I can honestly say that now I absolutely love Brussels sprouts. (My recipe rocks.)  (Of course, some might say it is because I have lost my sense of taste- does that make my Blogs are tasteless?)

Story time:  Recently I went to a fancy smancy expensive restaurant and ordered fancy smancy expensive Brussels sprouts.  They were “to die for”.  (Not die of.)

Not only were the cabbages excellent but our dining guest shared his Brussels sprouts story.  He attended college in Belgium where Brussels sprouts first became prolific. (Brussels sprouts love each other.)   While living there he learned to love the sprouts, too.   Now, 40 years later he grows them in his backyard, lots of them. (You can imagine the fascinating conversations we had that evening.)

This brings me back to my last Blog which was a real hit.  I had I think 3 comments from wives complimenting their VEM.  On the flip side I had thousands who qualified to be entered for my prize drawing.

The good news is, thanks to my recent dinner meeting I now have the resource to provide the highly sought after prize.

So back to the PETBS campaign.  If you happen to live in Kansas City you may have seen the new commercial where the salesman actually maligns Brussels sprouts right there on TV for all the world to see.

Let me know if you think I should send him my prize.

Luv, WD

Still President and CEO of the “Real Men Eat Veggies Society” and newly elected President and CEO of the PETBS.

Now known as

WD Pres and CEO RMEV and Pres and CEO PETBS

I am so cool!

Written by a very cool Kansas City Dietitian



A Salad A Day Keeps the Dietitian Away

(And trust me; you want to keep me as far away as possible!)

3 Things that Happened to Me Yesterday

1.  I met with a new client.  After an hour of counseling we were able to set a goal for him- “Eat one bite of one vegetable each day.”

2.  I scheduled a new client.  When I introduced myself he enthusiastically agreed to schedule an appointment with me. The person next to him, who happens to be a very long time client of mine burst out laughing stating,” Well that’s a new one.  I have never seen anyone who actually wanted to meet with you.”  (FYI-Dietitians need tough skin and a soft heart.)

3.  I met with a new client.  She was a lovely lady who was shocked at my simple recommendations for her to eat at least one salad and one additional vegetable each day.  She responded “I always eat a salad every day!”

And thus goes my days.  I should have asked client number 3 to counsel clients numbered 1 and 2. I could have gone home.

Because, you see, eating healthy is a no brainer.  According to the now infamous Mediterranean Diet the goal is to eat one salad every day and at least one additional vegetable.

You don’t have to use coconut oil.  You don’t have to look for gluten free vegetables (BTW all veggies are already gluten free).  You don’t have to eat low carb or high protein.

How simple can it be?

  1. Eat a salad with lots of veggies.
  2. Eat an additional vegetable.

If I had known that being a nutritionist was this easy I would not have gone through years of college and multiple degrees.

Of course, that takes us back to client number 1.  Where was his mother when he was growing up, anyway?

Good grief people-eat a salad, eat a vegetable and teach your children and grandchildren to do the same.

And now you know why my long term client in number 2 LOLed. (And you also might know why my kids think I can’t TEXT)

And you also know why eating a salad every day will keep the annoying and much feared dietitian away.


A Starchy Kansas City Dietitian Plays One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four

Some nutritionists get a little crazy.  (Of course, I am not one of them) They say you should not eat potatoes and corn because they are “starchy.”  They tell you that an avocado is a fruit.  They tell you a tomato could be either a vegetable or a fruit.

That is all just crazy talk!  (Although, some dietitians swear that it is all true!)

Do you get confused?

I can clarify this confusion by going back to the wild and crazy Mediterranean Diet. 

This diet actually lets you eat potatoes and pasta!

And it doesn’t even care if you call them starchy.

Can you believe it?

No wonder those crazy Mediterraneans are able to keep on their “Diets” while we Westerners are on and off diets as fast as you can say “Vegetably.”

Yes, you can eat a potato or pasta topped with the craziest of all “Saucy Sauce.

Of course, portion size does matter.

Inhaling a bucket of spaghetti is not on the Mediterranean diet.  A baked potato the size of Idaho is not a good choice, either.

Prepare a cup of pasta, cover with a cup of super sauce, top with a tablespoon of pine nuts and sprinkle with a tablespoon of freshly grated cheese. Pair that with a salad and you have a lovely little meatless meal. 

So if an avocado is a fruit then is watermelon water?  Does a pear have to be eaten as a pair?  Does a carrot truly care?  These are such confusing nutrition dilemmas…..

Luv, WD

A starchy Kansas City Dietitian

Canning Season

Fresh vegetables in August mean canning season!

When I think of canning the descriptors sweating, clammy skin, hard work come to mind.

Are you picturing canned tomatoes, canned green beans, canned corn, canned peaches, canned pears…


You thought old WD had lost her edge, didn’t you?  You thought I was going to give you a dull lesson in the virtues of growing your own fruits and veggies and “putting them up for the winter.”

Ha!  Not me.

I’m talking about the hard work of “CANNING.”

It is the hardest work you will ever try.  And it will make you sweat and your skin clammy.

“Canning” is putting your mind to work over the “wannas” that surround you.

I wanna burger and fries but I “Can” choose a plate of fresh veggies.

“Canning” is repeating over and over in your head, “I can do this!”

“Canning” is saying “No” to the treats that surround you.

“Canning” is the opposite of “I will start my diet tomorrow.”

“Canning” is done one thought at a time.  One bite at a time.

“Canning” is saying I can take one bite of a vegetable that I don’t like.

“Canning” is eating greek yogurt for lunch instead of a burger.

Folks, it’s August!  It’s the peak season for “Canning” before the cold winter sets in.

Prepare for winter by “Canning” yourself healthy!  (Not to be confused with stuffing yourself into a jar.)

Wanna “Can” with me?

Luv, WD

The “Canning” fool not to be confused with the Kansas City Dietitian




Meatless in Seattle

Meatless in Seattle, a Blockbuster Dietary Drama

Don’t you love that movie?  Tom Hanks is up in the middle of the night trying to figure out what to make for dinner the next night.  His son calls in to a cooking show to help him get recipes and Meg Ryan is listening on the radio and knows that her quinoa recipe is just what he needs….It just makes me cry every time I see it.

If you are thinking something is amiss you might be right.  However, the key point in this discussion is to notice that it is possible to fall in love with meatless meals, even in Seattle in the middle of the night or on Valentine’s Day on top of the Empire State Building.  So, no matter what side of the country you live on you can enjoy meatless meals.

Once again I have to mention the Mediterranean Diet recommendations.  The researchers created 3 meatless meals per week.  These consisted of things like nuts, beans, quinoa, brown rice, lentils, whole grain pastas…. (and don’t forget the Super Sauce.)

A favorite easy dish to prepare is:  toasted quinoa, cooked with the super sauce and then combined with black beans, topped off with some toasted almonds.  Easy to prepare, tastes yummy and is a great meal to eat while watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies.  I also love the one about Email.  Meg Ryan owns a cookbook shop and teaches children how to cook and Tom Hanks closes it down…  with his Mega Chain organic grocery store….. makes me sniffle just thinking about it.

Luv, WD

A Dietitian who is Meatless in Kansas City