Slowly Going Crazy

Join this Dietitian as she is slowly going crazy..

Is it just me or is the world getting crazier by the minute?  (I hope the world is getting crazier and not just me…)

You probably think I am talking about the NSA (who has probably flagged this email- boy are they going to be disappointed) or the IRS (who has probably determined “veggies are sexy” is a secret ultra-conservative radical group trying to get people to actually EAT veggies and we certainly don’t want anyone in the IRS trying a new Kale recipe)…

But, you are wrong!  I am talking about the somewhat newish ”Wheat Belly Diet” not to be confused with the somewhat oldish “Beer Belly Diet.”

Which by the way, if you were to make a Venn diagram there would be an intersection between the two, if you are drinking wheat beer.

You might be scratching your head at this point trying to remember what is a Venn diagram? If you Do remember then you should NOT apply for a job at the NSA or IRS because you actually HAVE a brain.

Anyway, back to the Wheat Belly diet.  Recently the author of the Wheat Belly Diet came to Kansas City.  And I want to officially go on the record stating that I firmly believe the Wheat Belly Diet can actually help some people.  I also want to go on the record stating that I firmly believe the Beer Belly Diet can actually help some people.

Now, the next part of this email is off the record, so don’t quote me on this.  But, I firmly believe the Veggies are Sexy diet can actually help people on the Wheat Belly diet, people on the Beer Belly Diet, people working at the NSA and people working at the IRS.  But, let’s keep this off the record.  I don’t want to get the IRS riled up.

And, if you haven’t eaten something blue today then go get a blueberry and enjoy.  (I’ve heard blueberries are ultra-conservative so they may not be around for long.)

Luv, WD

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