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So, people keep asking me where I have been lately and more importantly, “Why are you back bugging us again?”

I have learned that work is good for the soul.  I have also learned that too much work is bad for the soul. So I have cut back and streamlined my work.

Because I have cut back I am free to send thousands of emails to brighten your day.

People have also asked “What is the deal with the old songs lately?”   Answer: my curse of tangential thinking- it just happens, like suddenly you find a potato chip in your mouth and you wonder how it got there-you can blame it on the curse of tangential eating.  It’s good to be able to share the blame…

Staying with this theme (Hmmm- I suddenly have the urge for a potato chip)   Anyway back to the theme of “oldies” I am here to Help!  (Help me Rhonda, Help Help me Rhonda- name the year and group.)

I am beginning a new Concierge service.  I am still ironing out the wrinkles but I think you are going to like it, wrinkles and all.  (No comment about wrinkles!)

You can purchase a variety of services from us for a variety of prices.  The services include a daily health tip text, a quick afternoon phone call to get past the munchies, or even a phone coaching session.  You choose what level of Help you need.  (Help, you know I need somebody, Help, not just any body, Help you know I need someone  like a  Dietitian….)

I am here to provide The Help!…hmm…book titles- there are some great book titles out there…..

Just send me an email if you need The Help that I can provide.  I will be happy to share the details with you

[email protected]

Luv, Tangential WD

The Kansas City Dietitian Nutritionist with the Wacky Sense of Humor

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