Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Wild thing

You make my heart sing

You make everything Grooovy

(I told you little songs would mess with your mind.)

This song just popped into my brain today and I immediately thought of this hot little number.  (Do you know what tangential thinking is?  Our family is cursed with it.)

Wild Thing Chili Pepper

I am sure this song (sung by the famous group “The Troggs.”  Wasn’t there a Trogg on Sesame Street?) reminds you of vegetables, too.

“Wild” is a terrific word to add to your diet.  You can’t “beet” Wild Alaskan Salmon. Wild berries should be added to your greek yogurt every morning.  Have you tried wild field greens in your salad lately?  All of these foods are guaranteed to “make your heart sing”.

If you really “want to know for sure” include something “wild” every day in your meals.

I think I luv you, Wild Thing!

WD (aka Wild Dietitian)



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