Veggies in the Morning

Veggies in the morning

Veggies in the evening

Veggies at supper time

Be my little Veggie

Eat me all the time….

I bet you are humming by now.  As a dietitian I am required by law to change the lyrics of any song that uses the word “Sugar”.

Are you still humming?  Or have you now started humming the “Beverly Hillbilly’s Theme Song?”  These little songs…they will mess with your mind.  (Or maybe you are still trying to remember what a Venn diagram is.  These little dietitians, they will mess with your mind, too.)

Anyhow, let’s talk about Veggies in the morning.  That seems to be a foreign concept to many Americans.  If you woke up in Israel this morning you might have enjoyed yogurt and cucumbers.  And I do mean enjoyed!  But, if you woke up in the good ole U. S.of A. you probably wolfed down a microwaveable meal that a guy dressed in a giant Sun costume advertises.  (Really?  You trust a guy in a Sun costume with your nutritional health more than a brilliant Dietitian dressed in a Wonder Dietitian cape?)

OK back to the topic of Sexy Veggies for breakfast.  Here is my new favorite breakfast veggie idea.  Scramble some egg whites, or even a whole egg.  Toss in some fresh baby spinach or kale leaves.  Place in a warmed corn tortilla.  Top with a sprinkling of feta cheese and your favorite Salsa.  Using the microwave this will take approximately 2 minutes (faster than you can draw a Venn diagram).  And it is delicious!

Sing with me now—

Veggies in the morning

Veggies in the evening

Veggies at supper time

Hey, I have a question- does this mean you eat veggies twice in the evening?  Far Out, Man!

Luv, WD

P.S. Are you still humming?

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