Mama Mia and the Weighting Game

Mama Mia and the Weighting Game

Games are fun.

Not too long ago we were with a group of friends and they drug out an original “Newlywed Game.”  Since we have all been married hundreds of years we got a big kick out of it. (Yes, Big Kicking is good exercise.)

However, the “weighting” game isn’t always so much fun.

This is not an issue to be taken “lightly.”

I don’t have the answer to America’s obesity epidemic and I am a trained professional.  (I also stayed in the Holiday Inn Express last night.)

So, what should we do?

I suggest watching Meryl Streep in Mama Mia!


Yep, that’s right.

The Greek isles have long been identified as one of the healthiest places to live.

The Mediterranean Diet continues to be the healthiest diet to follow.

In the movie you will see:

Lots of dancing in sand

Lots of steep steps and hills to climb


Olive groves

Being a curious dietitian I wonder how many calories Meryl Streep burned in that movie.

People living on islands like the one in the movie easily burn more than 1000 calories a day just walking.

Healthy weight is all about healthy living.  There is a Greek island in the Mediterranean where the inhabitants live well into their 90’s WITHOUT illness.  The keys to their health?

Physical labor- walking, gardening, fishing, climbing hills

Healthy diet-fish, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables

Friends and family- getting together with friends and family constantly to just check in and know that they are loved and others care about them.

So rent the movie and see if you can listen to “Dancing Queen” without dancing.  If you can then your dancer must be broken.

*Warning-Do not dance on your bed and jump up to do the splits and touch your toes.  The result will not be pretty, trust me I know.

Luv, Dancing Queen WD

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