Medi-Predi Spa Time


Between taxes and spring cleaning  I think we all need a Spa break.

Let’s head out to the salon for our medi-predi  and get our feet massaged and our toenails painted pretty and our hands massaged and our fingernails painted pretty… Huh, that’s not what it is called?  I am confused AGAIN?


The medi-predi is not a Spa treatment It is research presented in the New England Journal of Medicine reporting that by following a Mediterranean Diet one can reduce his/her risk of heart disease by more than 1/3.

So take those expensive medications and toss them out the window.  (Send me the extra cash you save.  I promise to use it wisely. Hawaii sounds good.)

The study confirms you can control your cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes through DIET.  Who would have thunk it?

Not only is this miracle diet effective it also tastes delicious.

(Watch for details in my upcoming Blogs.  I will explain each component of the “Diet” and explain how to make it part of your healthy lifestyle.)

Start today with the first component of this life saving diet- SPEED, or the lack thereof.

Yes, it is time to slow down your eating.  One facet of the study is to eat at least 2 meals every day while sitting down and spend at least 20 minutes eating the meal.

You can do this!  Eating slowly gives your stomach and brain time to connect.  You will eat less and feel fuller.  Set the timer if you must. Folks, this is your life we are talking about!!


The Predimed trial:   Diet Highlights

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