Getting Saucy with the Healthiest Diet in the Whole World

Feeling Saucy!

Do you want to know the very best diet to help you feel saucy?

I know!  I know!

In April new research was published presenting this BEST diet.

The BEST thing about this BEST diet is it tastes the BEST.

Let’s get saucy!

When mixtures of highly anti-inflammatory, immune boosting phytochemcials get together they get a little wild and crazy. (Like 3 year olds at a birthday party!) One starts jiggling and pretty soon the entire group is bouncing off the walls.

When these innocent little ingredients get combined the same thing happens.

  • Fresh, canned or cooked tomatoes
  • Freshly minced garlic
  • Chopped peppers-any and all colors
  • Chopped onions-once again any and all colors
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Combine in any amount and in any order.  Put in a pan.  Simmer on medium heat until bubbly. (If desired add any herbs and spices that you like-basil, rosemary, bay leaves, oregano, smoky ancho chilies, jalapenos, cumin…)

Now get saucy!

Use this sauce to simmer chicken breasts in.  Use it to top grilled fish.  Dish it over a baked potato or whole grain pasta or mix with black beans and rice.

This sauce is your new best friend. (Besides me, of course.)   It makes food taste great!  It makes every cell in your body leap for joy.  And when those little molecules are leaping they are fighting off diseases of every shape.

So friends, let’s get saucy!!

As a totally unrelated tangential side note- if you have heard more than any sane person can stand about the “Royal Baby” and think this Blog should be in the Headlines, shout AMEN!

I heard those Amens!  Thank you.



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