Kansas City Dietitian Changes Name to Eatmore-atitian

Kansas City Dietitian Changes Name to Eatmore-atitian

I work in a variety of locations.  There is one thing that I can count on at all of these locations. Starting around 11:30 I start to notice people hunched over with their back towards me scurrying by.  

1.  I do not like scurrying.  It reminds me of mice and I HATE mice. 

2.  What the heck do they think I am going to do?  Rip their coveted lunches right out of their hands and expose their cheese covered taco/burrito for the world to see? 

Ok, to be fair to these “scurriers”, I have been known to stop them, order them to open their lunch containers and remove things from it.  And I may have been known to go to the front desk and announce over the intercom, “Guess what Howard- who is trying to lose 10 pounds- just tried to eat for lunch?” 

Don’t you wish you had Wonder Dietitian in your office?  Yes, the demand is high for my presence but I can only be in one office at a time.  I am working on this problem.  See my blog this week on “We.” 

Back to lunch. 

Quiz 2

Which lunch has fewer calories? 

Lunch A:

Greek yogurt with fruit, ¼ cup almonds on top, 1 can of V8 Juice (low Sodium of course), 2 Tbsp. hummus with 1 cup of fresh cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, broccoli and red pepper strips.

Lunch B:

2 chicken soft tacos

(If you miss this question I will be forced to take away your lunch and send you to time out.)

Yes, you are correct the BIG lunch of dairy, healthy protein and lots of sexy veggies has 390 calories. 

The sickly white little lunch of chicken tacos has 460 calories. 

Poor Sue, she has been dieting all of these years by only having 2 little tacos for lunch while she could have been eating a full plate of food that tastes great and looks beautiful. 

Let’s review our math.  If Sue changed to Lunch A she would reduce her calorie count by 70 calories per day.  That means she could lose 1 pound every 50 days or 7 pounds per year. 

If we add that to yesterdays breakfast change we see that Sue could lose 19 pounds a year by EATING MORE FOOD!  She can stop dieting and start eating! 

Sue has stopped screaming now and I think I see a hint of a smile.

Dietitians should change their name to Eatmore-atitians don’t you think?

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