Easy Math with Glenna

Easy Math with Glenna, the Kansas City Wonder Dietitian

We are on our path toward 12 weeks of healthier living.  In my last blog you were instructed to calculate the estimated calories that you use each day. 

Did you do it? 

Now, it’s time to apply this information. 

Let me introduce you to my friend Bob.  Bob is 6 ft. tall and weighs 169 pounds (BMI 23) and is 30 years old.  His estimated calorie usage per day is 2019. 

Now for the BAD news. 

If my friend Bob continues to eat 2019 calories per day for the next 10 years he will gain weight.  At age 40 Bob will only burn 1945 calories per day.  If he changes nothing, he will gain 8 pounds per year. 

What a bummer!! 

As we age, we burn fewer calories.  That’s my story  and I’m sticking to it. 

Take Home Lesson for today:  Know your estimated calorie usage.  This number is your friend.  (Mostly that annoying friend that you can’t seem to get rid of.) 

To be continued…..

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