Calories are Boring says Kansas City Dietitian

Calories are Boring says Kansas City Dietitian (who is also boring)

I know calories are boring and tedious.  So lets get this over with and move on to fun things like dieting and veggies.

Let’s get back to our friends Bob and Sue.  (Have you noticed that my friends are imaginary? So sad when you have to have imaginary friends.  Sigh…)

Bob wants to keep from gaining weight.  He will either have to eat less as he ages or he will have to increase his activity levels.

A good way to increase calorie usage is to include strength training in your exercise regimen.  Strength training will keep your muscles active and burning more calories.  Try to include strength training at least twice each week.

Sue wants to lose weight.  She will need to decrease her caloric intake AND increase her exercise.

At 145 pounds Sue would expend 1590 calories each day.  In order to lose 1 pound per week Sue will have to keep her calories to 1090.

When Sue sees this number, Sue shrieks, starts tearing her hair out and runs out of the room.  (Even imaginary friends run away from dietitians.)

So, that’s the end of this story.

NO? OK, I will come back tomorrow and try to help poor Sue.

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