Kansas City Eatmoretitian or Eatmoetitian?

Eatmoretitian or Eatmoetitian? You decide.


Notice the spelling difference? Just checking to see if you are reading these highly important blogs carefully.

One last note on my friend Sue.

Friday night is typically pizza night for Sue and her family. Since she has been on her diet, (which has been since she was approximately born) she is careful to eat only 2 little servings of pizza while the rest of her family enjoys the rest.

Friday night she decided to try something new. She grilled 4 ounces of salmon and steamed 1 ½ cups of fresh broccoli. Along with this she made a nice big salad with fresh summer tomatoes, red and green peppers, red onions, and romaine. She tossed some dried cranberries and sliced almonds on top just for fun. Then she drizzled about 1 ½ tablespoons of Persian lime olive oil and strawberry balsamic vinegar dressing on top.

Her family sat in shock as Sue ate a beautiful and full plate of yummy looking food.

Her husband said, “You aren’t going to eat all of that are you?” Her charming 13 year old son said, “Oink! Oink!! Mom.” Her daughter gasped and asked, “What about your diet?”

Instead of her typical cranky reply, (Sue tended to be cranky a lot since she never got to eat much and her weight never changed) she smiled sweetly and said “This IS my diet!”

Yes, Sue ate exactly the same calories this Friday night as she normally ate when she only ate the two greasy pizza slices.

See Sue smile.

Sue is happy. She is full. She feels so much better and she is losing over a pound every week.

(And best of all, her hair is starting to grow back in.)


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