More Easy Math with Glenna

More Easy Math with Glenna, Kansas City Annoying Dietitian

Yesterday we talked about Bob’s calorie usage and how it decreases as he ages.  (We were all bummed out about this.)

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Sue.  Sue is 30 years old, 5’4” tall and weighs 152 lbs. (BMI 26)  Sue would like to lose weight to reach a healthy BMI of 25.  Her weight goal is 145. 

(Doesn’t this feel like those algebra problems in 7th grade, if 2 trains leave the station at the same time, one traveling 40 mph…..????)

Stick with me here for just a couple more sentences. 

If Sue types in a weight of 152 when she enters her information to determine her calorie usage, the calories will match the 152 pound weight rather than the goal weight of 145. 

So, when you determine your calorie usage, be sure to use your goal weight rather than your current weight. 

(if you want to check your answers you can look in the back of the book.  Don’t you miss 7th grade?) 

More fun with calories tomorrow…..

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