Kansas City Dietitian Teaches Fractions



Start with a circle. A dinner plate is a circle.

Divide the circle into two equal parts.

Each piece is ½ of the circle.

Fill one of the halves with whole grain carbohydrate grams.

Divide the other half of the circle into two equal parts. Each part is ¼ of the entire circle.

Fill one of these quarters with lean protein grams.

Fill the other quarter with mono-unsaturated fat grams.

This is the template for healthy eating.

To remain healthy do not ignore this lesson in fractions.

Wild eyed crazy radicals (no I’m not talking about tea partiers, although tea is an excellent addition to any diet) sometimes decide that one of these halves or quarters are unnecessary. They may lose weight quickly (and then put back on twice as much, twice as fast. This will be covered in our lesson on exponentials, on another day).

Our next lesson will teach us how to translate these grams into actual food.

I mean really, what the heck is a lean protein gram?



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