What Your Snack Choice Says About You

What Your Snack Choice Says About You

It’s 3 o’clock, what do you find yourself reaching for?

If you reach for chips, you are lacking motivation and/or filled with worries. Not exactly the best snack for a productive afternoon. If you find yourself reaching for chocolate it means that you are concerned about your future health. Although, maybe not enough to put down the chocolate bar, but it is on your mind. If you reach for dairy products or fruit, things are looking up for you. You are optimistic about your health!

What's Your Snacking Personality? What your snack choice says about you.


Snacks provide 15-20% of our daily calories, which is why snacking seems to be one of the first things to go when you start a diet. Yes, snacking can help us reduce our calories but it is also where we get on average 13-17% of our daily vitamins.


People that snack frequently are less depressed. 

They also eat less green vegetables.


So, what this says to me is that we need a little help in the snack department.

The Kansas City Dietitian’s Simple Snack Rules:

  1. Keep it to less than 200 calories – This allows enough room to get the benefits of a good snack but not so much that you are making it into a “meal”
  2. Snack with a purpose – Always include a fruit and vegetable and pick foods that have nutritional value not just those that are low in calorie
  3. Make sure to include a protein or a healthy fat with your carb – This helps stabilize your blood sugar, which is one of the most important things about snacking


The worst snack you can possibly have is the UNPLANNED SNACK!


Plan your snacks into your day. Have them available at your desk, in your car, in your fridge, whatever you have to do just have them ready before you get hungry.


Simple Snack Ideas (No Recipes): 

  1. ½ serving of tortilla chips (yes I’m not crazy enough to think that everyone is ready to give up chips all together, but only half a serving, and add a veggie), a serving of carrot sticks, ½ cup salsa and a cheese stick (don’t forget the cheese stick it provides the protein)
  2. Avocado spread on your favorite crackers and veggies
  3. Nuts and fruit (or dried fruit)
  4. Apple and Nut-butter


More Snack Ideas: 


For the Chip Lover:

–  Baked BBQ ChickPeas

–  Black Bean Hummus and Veggies


For the Sweet Tooth:  

– Cake Batter Dip with Fruit

Yogurt Covered Fruit 

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Tarts
Raspberry Tarts








Mood Food Connection

Mood Food Connection

678-GrumpyI’m grumpy. Do you know why I’m grumpy? Someone took away my mocha-almond-fudge-mint-cookie-dough-truffle cake. Who would do such an awful thing to everyone’s favorite Kansas City Dietitian? The heartless, tasteless, friendless ultra low-carb dieters.

Memorial Day is now over and in preparation for swimsuit season many people are cutting their carbs. Studies have shown that people who consume diets with a lower percentage of carbs are usually thinner, but everyone forgets to mention that those who cut their carbs too much are also grumpier.

Most assume this is from a devastating sugar crash. Nope. Our brain needs carbohydrates to think, focus, and keep our sparkling personality. But our brain does not store any glucose, and cannot produce it.

A diet that recommends less than 130 grams of carbs for more than 2 days can result in profound grumpiness. While it is true that limiting the percentage of your calories from carbs can result in quicker weight loss, drastically cutting your carbs will only result in you quickly losing all your friends. No one wants to hang out with a grump.

If  you want to keep your friends, contact your friendly Kansas City Dietitian today to get a personalized plan!



Low-carbohydrate weight-loss diets. Effects on cognition and mood by D’Anci, Kristen E; Watts, Kara L; Kanarek, Robin B; more.Appetite, 2009, Volume 52, Issue 1

Could ya would ya ain’t ya gonna if I asked you

Could ya would ya ain’t ya gonna if I asked you
Would ya wanna try a veggie tonight? 

A country song written and sung by Wonder Dietitian

Are you on medication? 

Do you know that there is a very good chance that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON THAT MEDICATION?!! 

No, the health care crisis is not Obama’s fault.  It is not the Congress’ fault. It is not the pharmaceutical companies fault. I know this is very tough to take…

 but the health care crisis falls square on YOUR shoulders. 

This past week Dr. Oz came toKansas Cityand did 1000 physicals.  He found that surprise, surprise Kansas Cityis the second most obese city in the nation.  We have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and our vessels are clogged with barbeque.

It is time to face the music (to accept the unpleasant results of one’s actions.)  Your medical bills and medication costs can both be traced right back to your lunch

You are committing “ingesticide” -the excessive intake of non-nutritive foodstuffs resulting in chronic disease, diminished quality of life and early death.

3 steps to get healthy and get off your meds:

1.  Eat only fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and grains. 

2.  Use no salt in/on your food.

3.  Eat lots and lots and lots of veggies!  They make you sexy, you know.

(Yes, number 3 is mostly a repeat of number 1.  But, who would believe me if I told you I could get you off most of your medications in only 2 easy steps.  Who do you think I am Wonder Dietitian or something?)

Luv, WD

I Dream in Coral

A Coral Blog written by a Coral Dietitian in Kansas City

It seems that everywhere I look I see coral.  Coral chairs, coral birds, coral lanterns, coral ribbons, coral coral…  I fear I may be going crazy.  Or maybe my color vision has been reduced to mono-vision and the one color I can see is coral. (Of course another logical reason might be that my sweet little baby daughter just got married and she filled our house with coral stuff.) 

I have found in my mature wisdom when life gives you coral lemons, just go with it.  (You thought I was going to say- make coral lemonade didn’t you? Ha!  How ridiculous!)  

So, I am “going with” coral. 

As you know I am always harping on you to colorize your plate.  Colors found in fruits and veggies decrease the inflammation caused by our western diet.  These plant nutrients change the reactivity of the oxygen molecules in our body to enable it to fight off cancers, heart disease and other nasty things, some of which might also be coral but we won’t discuss these.     

So, what foods could possibly be coral?  Luckily I have about 20 different shades of coral just lying around my house so I can match most foods to one shade or another: 

coral grapefruit, coral peaches, coral guava, coral salmon, coral peppers, coral pumpkin, coral cantaloupe, coral apples, coral broccoli, coral spinach, coral blueberries, coral hot dogs- hold it!!

You would have to eat all of these foods listed to negate just one wild meal of hot dogs.

Since we are on the subject of tailgating and hot dogs- (Don’t ask me how I jumped to tailgating from coral, blame it on Mother of the Bride exhaustion!)

Let me just say- If you decide to go against all nutrition wisdom and eat a hot dog, be sure to eat some coral foods too.

By the way, if you need 217 coral chair covers for your next hot dog roast just let me know. 

Coral-lie WD

Nutrition Wisdom from Andy Griffith

A moment of silence please. 

Andy Griffith is my all time favorite actor.  I played his girlfriend Helen in a play in 6th grade.  I have watched many of the Mayberry Shows over and over.  My favorite one is “Man in a Hurry”.


When I googled it I found that this was one of the top favorites of all episodes.  I believe this show resonated deep within our hurried souls.  We long for that peaceful afternoon after a good home cooked meal.  But, instead of seeking after it we spend our days rushing around like a chicken with its head cut-off.  (See my headless chicken blog)

This episode was written in 1963. 

I thought I would make a list of things that have happened to our Sunday Dinners since 1963.  

  • There is no such thing as Sunday Dinner.  
  • Fast food drive-thrus have replaced wholesome food.
  • Wheat has been turned into a powdery foreign substance.  
  • Corn has been turned into high fructose corn syrup.
  • Vegetables have been replaced by French fries laden with trans-fat.
  • A glass of milk has been replaced by a coke, sports drink or a specialty coffee.
  • Homemade ice cream has been replaced by cookies and candy made from powdery substances, high fructose corn syrup and trans-fat.  
  • A meal prepared with thoughtful planning and fresh ingredients has been replaced by a frozen glob in an aluminum pan bought at the big box store.  

I am going to miss you Andy.  I wish I could sit at your table tonight. 

Somehow,  I have a feeling that you are sitting at a table with a King tonight.  

Thanks Andy! 

Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian aka Helen


National Lipid Association Fat Meeting Attended by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian

I just returned from a fat meeting.  I bet you have never even heard of a fat meeting.  Are you imagining a meeting room full of “people of size”?  Nope.  Are you imagining a room full of globs of fat?  Nope again.  
This meeting was the scientific meeting for the National Lipid Association.  This professional organization focuses on how to best reduce nasty fats in our blood that cause heart attacks and diabetes and obesity and cancer and high blood pressure and… You can actually study and become a Board Certified Lipidologist.  Yes, you can be a “Fat Doctor”. And if you are an M.D. and complete advanced training in lipidology you can be a “Fat Fellow.”  (I crack myself up.)
I learned a ton of fun new stuff from these Fat Fellows that you do not want to know.    So, stop right this minute, gently place your right pointer finger in your right ear and gently place your left pointer finger in your left ear.  Now repeat after me “la, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you…la, la, la”. The problem is, if you do learn these new facts you are going to have to once again figure out new ways to ignore them and happily float down Denial River.  
*Warning: I plan to send a few blogs related to this new fat information.  You might want to delete them before you read them if you want to remain blissfully ignorant. 

If you are a regular reader you know I love to make up words. At this meeting I learned a new made-up word.  It is”adiposopathy”.  It was created by Dr. Harold Bays who is a Fat Fellow (And a pretty good researcher. And looked to be quite lean.)  It means “sick fat”. Apparently there is “sick fat” as well as”well fat”.  I don’t know about you but I want my fat to be “well fat”.  So, it behooves us to ask the question: How do we have “well fat”?  (I am very happy that quite a few of the speakers used the word “behooves”.)  
Apparently “well fat” is the nice thin layer of fat that lies under our skin and protects us.  You will understand this if you have a bony bottom and it hurts to sit for long periods of time.  “Sick fat” on the other hand is the fat that coats your internal organs and remains in a constant state of inflammation.  If you tend to put weight on around your waist rather than in your hips and thighs you are a prime target for “sick fat”.  Sick fat makes you sick. (“Duh” would fit nicely at this point.)   “Sick Fat” increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancers….  It will behoove you to get rid of your sick fat. Easy to say, but not easy to do.  However, I do have answers to bring you hope. Watch for my next Fusion blog.  
We are going get rid of our “adiposapathy”, (I couldn’t resist making up my own word.  So, how do you like this one, Dr. Bays?) We are going to fight “adiposopathy” one adipose (fat) cell at a time, with both guns drawn and everything else we can find.  Watch out fat! We’re coming for you.  You can run.  But, you can’t hide.  Not even under a muumuu.  (See fashion faux pas of the 1960’s if you are unfamiliar with a muumuu.)

Luv, WD 

P.S.  I am considering becoming a “Fat Fellow R.D.” What do you think?  Should I?