Anti-gluten, low soy, fruititarian whole food weight loss diet

Nutrition help from Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian
Are you trying to follow a healthy diet but instead feel dazed and confused?
Wonder Dietitian is here. I will not leave you alone and confused. (Although most of you wish I would just leave you alone.)
This week I met with a wonderful well meaning client. He had heard the message that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and had decided to start eating breakfast. He had gone from No breakfast to 2 whole wheat biscuits and turkey bacon. He knew that he should eat whole wheat and he thought that turkey bacon was good for you, at least better than regular bacon.
I hear you, “What’s wrong with that? It sounds like he is making good choices to me.”
Here are 3 mistakes my poor friend is now making:
1. This new breakfast is a lot of calories. He is now gaining weight. This was NOT his goal.
2. Whole wheat biscuits are minimally better than regular biscuits. They are still high in fat, particularly trans-fat and sodium. (Say it ain’t so!)
3. Turkey bacon can have just as much fat as pork bacon and typically it has more sodium and often contains added sugars.
These 3 mistakes can have these disastrous results.
1. Obesity which increases risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancers.
2. Artery clogging fats also resulting in heart disease.
3. High sodium intake resulting in heart failure and/or stroke.
Wonder Dietitian has decided it is time to separate truth from fiction in her upcoming Blogs.
If you have specific questions just click on Reply and send it to me. I’ll do my best to help.
Love, WD

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