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678-GrumpyI’m grumpy. Do you know why I’m grumpy? Someone took away my mocha-almond-fudge-mint-cookie-dough-truffle cake. Who would do such an awful thing to everyone’s favorite Kansas City Dietitian? The heartless, tasteless, friendless ultra low-carb dieters.

Memorial Day is now over and in preparation for swimsuit season many people are cutting their carbs. Studies have shown that people who consume diets with a lower percentage of carbs are usually thinner, but everyone forgets to mention that those who cut their carbs too much are also grumpier.

Most assume this is from a devastating sugar crash. Nope. Our brain needs carbohydrates to think, focus, and keep our sparkling personality. But our brain does not store any glucose, and cannot produce it.

A diet that recommends less than 130 grams of carbs for more than 2 days can result in profound grumpiness. While it is true that limiting the percentage of your calories from carbs can result in quicker weight loss, drastically cutting your carbs will only result in you quickly losing all your friends. No one wants to hang out with a grump.

If  you want to keep your friends, contact your friendly Kansas City Dietitian today to get a personalized plan!



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