Kansas City Dietitian Creates Thought for Today

Kansas City Dietitian creates Thought for Today

If Wonder Dietitian creates Simple Diets at the Speed of Light what kind of diets would she create at the Speed of Dark?

After you come up with an answer to that one, here is another thing to ponder. 

Are all carbohydrates evil?

No, only naked carbohydrates are evil. 

So, if Veggies are Sexy and naked carbohydrates are evil then are naked carbohydrates sexy? 

No, naked carbohydrates are gross.

Veggies are gorgeous. 

I bet you wish you knew what a naked carbohydrate was, don’t you?

I will also answer this one.  Aren’t I nice?

A carbohydrate is basically anything that starts out as a plant. 

A naked carbohydrate is a plant that has been stripped of any nutrients and left to stand there with just its sugars showing.

For example, a beautiful piece of wheat is golden yellow and has a wonderful outdoorsy smell.  If you were to sit on the fence and just chew that beautiful piece of wheat you would be eating all sorts of yummy nutrients. (My grandpa used to spend hours chewing a piece of wheat.)

Now take that beautiful piece of wheat and strip off its husk, germ, and bran.  Then roll what’s left between steel rollers over and over again.  And just to make sure nothing is left, bleach it.  Now you have a skinny little naked piece of wheat that we call “flour.”

Now to add insult to injury, mix that naked flour with some naked sugar.  Then throw in some butter.

The Naked Truth: 

Naked flour, sugar and butter = the diabetes epidemic in America. 

And that my friend is the truth about naked carbohydrates. 

*Warning:  Not suitable for young children.  In fact, not suitable for any audiences.   

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