What Your Snack Choice Says About You

What Your Snack Choice Says About You

It’s 3 o’clock, what do you find yourself reaching for?

If you reach for chips, you are lacking motivation and/or filled with worries. Not exactly the best snack for a productive afternoon. If you find yourself reaching for chocolate it means that you are concerned about your future health. Although, maybe not enough to put down the chocolate bar, but it is on your mind. If you reach for dairy products or fruit, things are looking up for you. You are optimistic about your health!

What's Your Snacking Personality? What your snack choice says about you.


Snacks provide 15-20% of our daily calories, which is why snacking seems to be one of the first things to go when you start a diet. Yes, snacking can help us reduce our calories but it is also where we get on average 13-17% of our daily vitamins.


People that snack frequently are less depressed. 

They also eat less green vegetables.


So, what this says to me is that we need a little help in the snack department.

The Kansas City Dietitian’s Simple Snack Rules:

  1. Keep it to less than 200 calories – This allows enough room to get the benefits of a good snack but not so much that you are making it into a “meal”
  2. Snack with a purpose – Always include a fruit and vegetable and pick foods that have nutritional value not just those that are low in calorie
  3. Make sure to include a protein or a healthy fat with your carb – This helps stabilize your blood sugar, which is one of the most important things about snacking


The worst snack you can possibly have is the UNPLANNED SNACK!


Plan your snacks into your day. Have them available at your desk, in your car, in your fridge, whatever you have to do just have them ready before you get hungry.


Simple Snack Ideas (No Recipes): 

  1. ½ serving of tortilla chips (yes I’m not crazy enough to think that everyone is ready to give up chips all together, but only half a serving, and add a veggie), a serving of carrot sticks, ½ cup salsa and a cheese stick (don’t forget the cheese stick it provides the protein)
  2. Avocado spread on your favorite crackers and veggies
  3. Nuts and fruit (or dried fruit)
  4. Apple and Nut-butter


More Snack Ideas: 


For the Chip Lover:

–  Baked BBQ ChickPeas

–  Black Bean Hummus and Veggies


For the Sweet Tooth:  

– Cake Batter Dip with Fruit

Yogurt Covered Fruit 

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Tarts
Raspberry Tarts








Dietitian Dishes Dirt While Alliterating In Kansas City

 If you love this title raise your hand.  I see those hands.  It is a great title isn’t it?  Once again WD has managed to destroy the English language with just one little word. 

OK on with the dirty subject matter at hand.

I am often asked by clients if it is best to eat “organic”.  This is a question fraught with complexities. I could address those complexities but instead I will try to figure out other ways to use the word fraught.

The following fruits and veggies are considered to be fraught with pesticides.  Always choose organic.  Look for the official Organic Seal.  Don’t waste your money on “organic” foods that do not have this seal. (If you want to waste your money, send it to me.  I am fraught with ideas.)



Bell Peppers










 Other F & V’s (short for Sexy Fruits and Veggies) have been identified as being safe. 

No matter the F & V’s you buy, always wash well. They are all fraught with nasty little dirts.  (Yes, I used this word intentionally.)  Just pour a little (about 2 Tablespoons) white vinegar into a big bowl, fill with cold water, let sit for about a minute, pour into strainer and rinse for about a minute.

And that is the Double Down Dirty Dish on the Dirtiest F and V’s. 

Do yourself a favor and clean up your act (and your produce.) 

Thank you once again for supporting WD!

Fruits are Sexy, Too!

Only a “Veggies are Sexy” specialist can find a “Sexy Fruits” sign on an island vacation.  The oddest part of all, there was not a fruit to be found anywhere near this sign (unless of course you count the fruit wearing the blue top.)  The mystery remains, why are Veggies sexy?  Why are Fruits sexy?  Yesterday I hosted a table at a Health Fair and these were the pressing  questions that I was frequently asked.  I was also asked why I was wearing a plastic lighted blinking heart.

Another often repeated question was, “Why do you have 5 pounds of fat sitting on your table?”  But, the most often asked question by far was “What percentage of cocoa should dark chocolate contain to make it healthful?”  Finally, a question I could answer.  Dark chocolate should contain at least 75% or even 85% cocoa or cacao to make it a healthful treat.  This means it contains more of the actual cocoa bean.  Currently my favorite dark chocolate is Lindt 85% dark chocolate covered blueberries.  But, my own dark chocolate covered blueberries also were a big hit at the Health Fair.  (Watch for upcoming recipe.) They were gobbled up pretty quickly.  If your organization has a health fair coming up, be sure to attend.  If you see a crazed lady wearing a blinking heart necklace, carrying 5 pounds of fat and handing out chocolate covered blueberries, you will know it is me. Run….