Fruits are Sexy, Too!

Only a “Veggies are Sexy” specialist can find a “Sexy Fruits” sign on an island vacation.  The oddest part of all, there was not a fruit to be found anywhere near this sign (unless of course you count the fruit wearing the blue top.)  The mystery remains, why are Veggies sexy?  Why are Fruits sexy?  Yesterday I hosted a table at a Health Fair and these were the pressing  questions that I was frequently asked.  I was also asked why I was wearing a plastic lighted blinking heart.

Another often repeated question was, “Why do you have 5 pounds of fat sitting on your table?”  But, the most often asked question by far was “What percentage of cocoa should dark chocolate contain to make it healthful?”  Finally, a question I could answer.  Dark chocolate should contain at least 75% or even 85% cocoa or cacao to make it a healthful treat.  This means it contains more of the actual cocoa bean.  Currently my favorite dark chocolate is Lindt 85% dark chocolate covered blueberries.  But, my own dark chocolate covered blueberries also were a big hit at the Health Fair.  (Watch for upcoming recipe.) They were gobbled up pretty quickly.  If your organization has a health fair coming up, be sure to attend.  If you see a crazed lady wearing a blinking heart necklace, carrying 5 pounds of fat and handing out chocolate covered blueberries, you will know it is me. Run….

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