Dietitian Dishes Dirt While Alliterating In Kansas City

 If you love this title raise your hand.  I see those hands.  It is a great title isn’t it?  Once again WD has managed to destroy the English language with just one little word. 

OK on with the dirty subject matter at hand.

I am often asked by clients if it is best to eat “organic”.  This is a question fraught with complexities. I could address those complexities but instead I will try to figure out other ways to use the word fraught.

The following fruits and veggies are considered to be fraught with pesticides.  Always choose organic.  Look for the official Organic Seal.  Don’t waste your money on “organic” foods that do not have this seal. (If you want to waste your money, send it to me.  I am fraught with ideas.)



Bell Peppers










 Other F & V’s (short for Sexy Fruits and Veggies) have been identified as being safe. 

No matter the F & V’s you buy, always wash well. They are all fraught with nasty little dirts.  (Yes, I used this word intentionally.)  Just pour a little (about 2 Tablespoons) white vinegar into a big bowl, fill with cold water, let sit for about a minute, pour into strainer and rinse for about a minute.

And that is the Double Down Dirty Dish on the Dirtiest F and V’s. 

Do yourself a favor and clean up your act (and your produce.) 

Thank you once again for supporting WD!

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