Empty Disclosure

I am sure you have heard the phrase “Full Disclosure”.  You might see it when you receive your credit card bill and in tiny print it states they reserve the right to all of your worldly goods if you write your check for $48.00 and the bill is for $148.00 and when you call to get it fixed you talk to Raj who says his name is Bob and….. No, I am not bitter.

Or you might hear it at the end of a commercial for a medication that guarantees to make you young and virile except it also might give you a headache, make you throw up, make your blood clot for no reason, make you depressed and oh by the way, cause a long painful death, but you can always call Smith and Jones to represent you if that happens.

So as not to be culpable in any way for anything I say I am offering an “Empty Disclosure” for the following:

In my last Blog I wrote about “messin with you.”  I wrote this joyous Blog very early in the morning.  Imagine my delight when later in the day the news reported that our Commander in Chief announced that Congress was not trying to solve the growing governmental debt crisis but was actually just “messin with him.”  And yes, he was in Kansas City when he said these famous words.  Can you believe this?  My nutrition Blog is so cutting edge  that it actually creates the edge.  I am humbled that the President reads my Blog and thinks it is so good that he quotes from it.

From one President to another I wish to say Thank-you.

Luv, WD

President and CEO PETBS

President and CEO RMEVS

P.S. Today is a great day to eat a mess of tomatoes and okra! Or send a “mess” to your favorite politician.

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