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I am fed up!  (Do not interpret this as Over-fed.)  I have had it!  I am not going to put up with this unfair assault anymore.  Join PETBS (People for Ethical Treatment of Brussels Sprouts! Send your $100 membership fee today.)

Brussels sprouts facts:

  • Fact: If you type brussels sprouts the spell checker will capitalize it.  Why? Could it be their marvelous nutritious make-up?  Or maybe the little person who created spell checker had an absolute love of the little sprouts?
  • Fact: If you type brussel sprout the spell checker changes it to Brussels sprouts.  So, guess you can’t eat just 1.  Could it be they are like potato chips? Or was it that mischievous little spell checker person again?
  • Fact: I have not always loved these little cabbages.   I remember my first taste.  (Much like remembering your first kiss- you just never forget it.)  We were having Easter lunch with a family.  I was about 25 years old and a very picky eater.  I really tried to be polite and eat them but I swear they were the nastiest tasting things I had ever put in my mouth (next to liver- double ugh!)
  • Fact: I can honestly say that now I absolutely love Brussels sprouts. (My recipe rocks.)  (Of course, some might say it is because I have lost my sense of taste- does that make my Blogs are tasteless?)

Story time:  Recently I went to a fancy smancy expensive restaurant and ordered fancy smancy expensive Brussels sprouts.  They were “to die for”.  (Not die of.)

Not only were the cabbages excellent but our dining guest shared his Brussels sprouts story.  He attended college in Belgium where Brussels sprouts first became prolific. (Brussels sprouts love each other.)   While living there he learned to love the sprouts, too.   Now, 40 years later he grows them in his backyard, lots of them. (You can imagine the fascinating conversations we had that evening.)

This brings me back to my last Blog which was a real hit.  I had I think 3 comments from wives complimenting their VEM.  On the flip side I had thousands who qualified to be entered for my prize drawing.

The good news is, thanks to my recent dinner meeting I now have the resource to provide the highly sought after prize.

So back to the PETBS campaign.  If you happen to live in Kansas City you may have seen the new commercial where the salesman actually maligns Brussels sprouts right there on TV for all the world to see.

Let me know if you think I should send him my prize.

Luv, WD

Still President and CEO of the “Real Men Eat Veggies Society” and newly elected President and CEO of the PETBS.

Now known as

WD Pres and CEO RMEV and Pres and CEO PETBS

I am so cool!

Written by a very cool Kansas City Dietitian



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