Kansas City Dietitian Receives Coveted Cape Award

The Coveted Cape Award

Yesterday I was shocked to receive the  most coveted award any dietitian can receive. 

Yes, I actually won the coveted Cape.  Never again will  I be ignored, sworn at or hated because now I am WONDER DIETITIAN!  A dietitian signs his/her name followed by the intials RD to designate Registered Dietitian.  There are many wonderful registered dietitians but there is no one else in the entire universe that has been awarded the coveted WD.  You will now find me  proudly signing my name followed by these initials. 

(And I will not be stymied by the patients who ask me, “Why are you wearing a cape for Wonder Dog?”)

Wonder Dietitian to the Rescue

  Tnank You Nikki and All!  You are the best!

Love, Glenna Moe W.D.

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