A Hot Mess

I love the English language.  It is so fun to mess with.  Let’s talk about “mess.”

I have patients who are a hot mess.

I love to eat a mess of okra or fish or both.

I have dissolved into a mess of tears (usually when a patient says he doesn’t like me. How could that be?)

I have served food in a mess hall.  (I was a camp cook one summer.  Now that was a hot mess!)

Hot Mess is a great descriptor.  Right now it probably describes your current eating habits.

I heard today that Missouri is one of the unhealthiest states in the nation.  Thinking about the nation-that is pretty darn unhealthy.  The news also claimed it is because we now have an entire generation of junk food/inactive people.

( The news media is so astute. They are a hot mess for sure.)

How did we get in this mess?

I want to be sensitive and politically correct – but face it- we are just plain lazy,  Fast food, frozen pizza, drive through coffee …

We are a hot mess, eating a mess of fried stuff.

What are we going to do about the mess we are in?

I know,  lets “ “Dialogue.”  That will fix it.

Ha!  Just messin with you.

Luv, WD

President and CEO RMEVS

President and CEO PETBS

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