Dietitian in Kansas City Puts Her White Shoes Away!

Dietitian in Kansas City Puts Her White Shoes Away!

Yes, Labor Day has come and gone.  It is time to put your white shoes and purse away.  (Fortunately for me they didn’t really go with my beautiful cape anyway.)  

It is easy in the summer months to fill your plate with fresh veggies.  It becomes more of a challenge during the fall and winter. 

When it’s time for that first pot of chili, chop up those tomatoes and make sure the chili is full of beans and onions and peppers. 

Speaking of being full of beans… 

(Ha!  You thought I was going to talk about politicians, didn’t you?)

Beans are a fantastic fall and winter food.  Beans are a vegetable and a protein source.  They are rich in nutrients and fiber.  Use canned beans (rinse off all of that nasty salt) to top a salad, roll up into a corn tortilla, serve as a side dish or mix with quinoa as a terrific main dish. 

And the very best thing about beans is they provide great entertainment.  Beans Beans the musical fruit…… 

Kids and adults who are kids at heart can spend hours laughing after having a big bowl of beans.  Cheap entertainment!

Wonder Dietitian once again far exceeds your expectations.  Super healthy nutritious food ideas that are inexpensive AND provide hours of free entertainment.  Ya just can’t beat it. 

Love, WD

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