Kansas City Dietitian Sees Glass as Half Full

Some people see the glass as half empty. Some people see the glass as half full. I prefer to use the plate example rather than the glass. My plate is half full. Yes, that’s right. Half full of fruits and sexy veggies. Today is a huge day for the nutrition world. We are finally saying a fond farewell to the food pyramid. This will make many people sad since they have always carefully stacked their food high on their plate to match the food pyramid. You see this at buffets. People take the biggest plate they can find and fill it with potatoes and macaroni and cheese, then heap meat looking shapes on top of that topped by green beans with bacon, then topped with…you get the picture.

The New USDA Food Icon
The new icon is a simple plate. Draw a line right down the middle of the plate. On one side are fresh fruits and sexy veggies. The other side contains healthy protein and whole grains like quinoa.

This should sound familiar to you if you are using my Simple Diet. The sad news for my chubby American friends is this new plate only allows for one layer of food. No longer can you stack your food into the mighty caloric dense pyramids of old. You are only allowed one measly little layer. And half of the plate has to be full of color! Don’t blame Wonder Dietitian for this. This is Michelle O’s doing. And I for one am grateful.

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