Kansas City Dietitian Reviews One Day Diet

Kansas City Dietitian Reviews One Day Diet

Can you change your diet for one day only?  I know you can.  You will feel so smug when you get on that scales and find that you have lost a pound and kept it off for an entire week. 

Cinco de Mayo is over.  Mother’s Day is over.  The Easter candy has been thrown out.  (Hasn’t it? You can still hire me to help with that task.)  It is a good 3 weeks until Memorial weekend.  You can lose 3 pounds by June 1 with almost no effort at all. 

If you are feeling blue about this whole diet thing, read the Blue blog.  If you are all red hot and bothered by this “having to make changes thing”, read the Red blog.  I’m starting to sound patriotic, aren’t I?  Just wait.  If you are good I may let you have white on Memorial Day. 

Red, white and blue! 

This diet is too good to be true! 

(Perhaps I should quit my day job and become a poet?) 

See the One Day Diet from Wonder Dietitian!

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