Get Back on that Horse!

It’s time to throw the chocolate Easter eggs in the trash.  Better in the waste than on the waist.  It’s much easier to carry out the trash than it is to burn off 500 chocolate bunny calories. 

Back to the Simple Diet.  (Ding, Ding, for 50 extra points who can list the first 2 steps of the Simple Diet?) 

Step 1:  EAT BREAKFAST!  If I hear one more excuse for not eating breakfast I am going to scream.  OK, got that off my chest.  My husband has worked 12-14 hour work days with no breaks for breakfast or lunch for the last 30 years and he exercises EVERY day and eats breakfast EVERY day.  I’m sorry but YOU have no excuse. 

Step 2:  EAT a GOOD BREAKFAST!  Stop eating cookies (otherwise known as Natural Breakfast Bars or some other healthy-sounding name) for breakfast. They are cookies!   

Step 3:  Eat healthy protein for breakfast.  See list of healthy protein options.  One of the biggest mistakes we make in trying to lose weight is to eat a totally carbohydrate breakfast.  STOP IT!  Be sure to choose at least 2 protein options for breakfast.  A simple and great breakfast is my Smoothie.  Check it out. 

Now, if you are serious about this whole life change thing, I suggest that you start Day 1 with the One Day Diet.  Then apply the Simple Diet to the rest of the week.  I guarantee this diet with a 100% money back guarantee.  (Be sure to send me lots of money so I can give it back to you, after my next vacation to Tahiti.)

OK, now get back on that horse, while I go and throw out my chocolate Easter Eggs.  If you cannot make yourself throw out your candy, I also offer a service where I come to your home or place of business and find all of the candy and take it away so you don’t have to suffer the emotional pain of throwing it out yourself.  I think I can do this for about 50 bucks per stop.  Call now before I get booked up. (I will also give you an itemized spreadsheet of the calories that were removed from your house.)  Who can resist such a great deal?

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