Are You Feeling Blue?

I certainly hope so. My last blog encouraged you to include the colors blue/purple in your daily diet. Now I am checking up on you. What have you eaten today that is blue/purple?

I had blueberries and blackberries with my cereal. Then I had blueberry greek-style yogurt for lunch with real blueberries. For dinner I included purple/red onions. It is easy to include blue in your day.

Now if you are feeling blue, might I suggest Spring Cleaning? It always cheers one up to clean out the cobwebs. With spring on the horizon it is time to clean out your house, clean out your pantries and clean out your poor winter-body. Read my Meditation for today to perk right up. 

Speaking of blueberries-Who turned into a blueberry? Hint: She responded harshly to Veruca when she said *I want an oompa-loompa NOW, Daddy!”? (Another Quiz Question for today: What was Veruca’s last name?  Why is this a BAD last name?)

I promise if you eat lots of blueberries you will NOT blow up like a blueberry and have to be “juiced.” (And if you happen to have an old oompa-loompa stored in your basement, it is time to haul it to the curb.)

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