Life Happens with WD

Have you noticed that life happens when you least expect it? And when it does all of your self discipline vanishes? Over the last two weeks I have spent much of my time in hospital rooms. (I know, you are saying, “duh, you are a dietitian and you work in a hospital.” This is true but this is not why I have been in hospital rooms.) Anyway, during this time I have discovered 3 important truths.
1. Hospital food is pretty good these days. Except Salisbury steak. Who in their right mind would eat Salisbury steak? What is Salisbury steak anyway?
B. Fast food tastes better than hospital food when you are pacing in waiting rooms and stressed to the max. So do donuts, ice-cream, chocolate and other assorted junk foods.
D. Getting back to regular exercise, Greek yogurt, almonds and salads makes one feel absolutely wonderful.
So, I suggest you apply these proven steps during this holiday season when your schedule is thrown totally off:
3 Steps for Success:
A. Do not despair. Life happens. Normalcy does return. (I hope.)
4. Carry almonds in your bag at all times. A handful takes the edge off and can save you from wild uncontrollable fast food binges.
1. Grab exercise minutes wherever and whenever possible. Take the stairs. Do crunches while sitting in a chair. (the person sitting next to you will quietly move away leaving you more room to spread out.) Fidget. (This also encourages people to move away from you.) Move whenever possible.
3. Keep hydrated. Carry a bottle of water with you and take swigs regularly.

I have had my little pea pickin heart blessed the last couple of weeks. But I am looking forward to the return of my healthy routine. Be sure to return to your healthy routine as quickly as possible.
And last but not least we only have 7,467 more days left to vote. (I seem to be having trouble with my numbering skills. Do you think it could be the donuts and fast food? NAW…)

Shopping on Fat Friday with Your Dietitian

The Holiday Feeding Frenzy has arrived. I think Black Friday should be called Fat Friday. Everyone feels fat on the Friday after Thanksgiving. And now for the next few weeks it will be stress and party filled eating frenzies. No one wants to gain weight over the holidays but the average weight gain is six pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Why do you think everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to lose weight?
The absolute best way to keep your weight healthy during the holidays is to KNOW it! The best way to know it is to weigh each morning before you hop in the shower. Psychologically if you see you have gained a pound you can use that to help you eat less during the rest of that day. People who normally weigh daily stop during the holidays. You have to use budgeting skills. Know your weight for the holidays and budget your food intake. Budget your pocketbook and don’t overspend. Unless you are buying a gift for your favorite annoying dietitian. (I hear you complaining I suck the joy right out of your Christmas fudge.). If you are shopping for me, my favorite color is blue and I am a size 2! Love, WD
18 days left to vote

Only 27 Days to VOTE

Glenna Moe, Dietitian in Kansas City

Another Lachanophobiac Cured by Kansas City Dietitian

This is my friend, Steve.  He came to me wanting to be cured of his Lachanophobia.  It has been a long and arduous trek for Steve.  He has had to taste things like Beet Hummus and Berries and Flaxseed Smoothies.  He gave me permission to share this photo of him as he bravely tries a salad for the very first time.  See his smile?  He is brave. 


 Here is the “after” photo.

This smile may seem a bit forced, but, he survived. 





Everyone saw Steve’s success and decided they might work on their lachanophobia, too. 





 Steve is on his way toward becoming a Lachanophiliac as are these  other brave souls.

*Special thanks to Steve and all of my wonderful co-workers for being good sports when I try to get them to try something “D’Lish”.  They have survived edamame and quinoa and veggies of all sizes and shapes.   Even after all of this they  are  still speaking to me, I hope.  You are, aren’t you, guys? …Guys?…Hey Guys, wait….. 


Dietitian Faces Facebook Test

Dietitian in Kansas City is Not too Proud to Beg

I am really not too proud to beg.  I beg and plead all of the time.  I guess I have to find a more effective method to help my friends make healthier choices, huh?  I beg my friends to eat more veggies.  I plead with my friends to stop eating breakfast sandwiches (high in everything bad and low in everything good).  My wise friend says I should “save my breath to blow on my soup. (Soup- too high in sodium). 

However, I refuse to give up.  I refuse to roll over.  I am on a mission and no French fry is going to stop me.  I will not be destroyed by donuts. 

OK, so I get a little carried away but I want you all to know that veggies are sexy and naked carbs are not! 

So here I am begging again. 

I need some friends.

I hear you. 

Who wants to be friends with someone who takes away donuts and breakfast sandwiches?

Today I am begging you to do something that is so much easier than changing your diet.

Would you please, with sugar on it, (I have reached the bottom as a dietitian when I have to put sugar on my begging), pretty please “LIKE” me?  Will you pretty please with sugar on it ask your friends to LIKE me too?  I promise I will not take their cookies and pizza away. 

Just click the LIKE button in this box.  My webititians (these are experts in web stuff) say I desperately need more people to like me.  (They don’t understand what it’s like to be a Dietitian.  They expect the impossible.)

Thank-you.  And to show my appreciation I want you to go and enjoy a nice piece of extra dark chocolate.  Don’t worry; I am magically removing all of the calories (only for the next 10 minutes).