Kansas City Dietitian Loses Focus

Thanks to my very good friend, Lance, I am having to re-do everything I stand for. It is a sad day for this dietitian. 

Yes, folks my new tagline is to become, “Veggies are Sucky!” Lance threw down the gauntlet to challenge me to write a blog stating this. So, here goes. 

Yes, I will agree, Veggies are Sucky! “Sucky” (a term coined by Elf in the mail room) is an endearing term used when describing something that is “Succulent.”

Succulent means juicy, moist, tender, and luscious. I will have to agree with Lance that beets are juicy, moist, tender, and luscious. They are also Purpley! 

Sucky, Sexy Purpley Beet

This is an incredible discovery. Not only are Veggies Sexy, they are also Succulent. There is just no way to beat the outstanding qualities of veggies. Sexy!  Succulent! Bright and richly colored with healing antioxidants!

So there, Lance! Once again Wonder Dietitian wins! 

If you would like to play “Stump the Dietitian” too, just send a comment to me.   Wonder Dietitian loves challenges! 

I hope you have a Sexy, Sucky, Purpley Day!

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