Kansas City Dietitian’s Battery Died Today

The car wouldn’t start today. The guy in the truck came. He said we needed a new battery. Bummer. I had places to go and people to see. Now I am sitting and waiting. The battery apparently is important in the world of cars.

I am thinking that there are many people out there who get up in the morning planning to go about their day. As they are rushing about they are trying to operate on a bad battery. It is impossible to be healthy and functioning at your optimum when you consistently feed yourself non-food items. You expect to just get up every day and proceed normally. One day you will jump up expecting to start your day. You will turn the key and be shocked to find that you just won’t start. Then you will be stuck waiting in some doctor’s office for umpteen blood tests to find out you have to go on expensive medications.

Be proactive. Eat by following this simple plan, a good healthy protein choice at each meal and as many different colors as you can find. Read my BROG Blog again. Or if you just want to smile and not have to think about sexy veggies then read the BLOB Blog again.

Well now the car battery has now been replaced, for a sizable cost. Bummer again. But, not nearly as expensive as a prolonged hospital visit. Keep your battery charged today!

Or call me. I make house calls. I will bring my ruler. (See blog on She Sells Sea Salt.)

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