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Thank you for not sending hate mail regarding my recipe blog yesterday. I can’t tell you what happened but I am working on it. The sad news is, the recipe is a great recipe and I am sure you will love it (if I can ever get it to you in a form you can actually read.)  I have had some comments related to my blog that I wish to address. The first one being, “I don’t like the word BLOG.” I heartily agree. I remember my younger brother trembling in fear after returning from the movie that my older brother had taken him too.  It was also called the BLOG and was a very frightening story about a giant mass of goo that sucked people up. Oh, wait, that was The Blob, not The Blog. Hmm, I wonder if that giant mass of goo was actually a depiction of fat threatening to suck Americans into it. That would make for a great movie. Can you see it? Huge masses of fat spreading across American soil sucking up old and young alike…oh wait; I think that is called the Obesity Epidemic. Eckk!  Run for your life. (Don’t miss the double meaning behind that little comment.)

On a more positive note, another question posed to me was, “Why do you use the word “healthful” instead of “healthy.” If I were to tell you to eat healthy blueberries, then I would be telling you to eat blueberries that aren’t ill. (Picture a sad little blueberry with a thermometer in his mouth. Do blueberries have mouths?) If I were to tell you to eat “healthful” blueberries I would be telling you to eat blueberries that are full of health and they will impart that health on to you. These two words have different meanings due to the nuances of the English language. However, please do not think in any way that I am an expert in English. I used to substitute teach English when my girls were in high school. (Yes, I also have a teaching degree, but definitely not in English.) This was great fun since the students were more interested in seeing what they could get away with, rather than mastering the English language. In summary, I encourage you today to 1) work on your English skills, (Ya’ll is not a word, ya’ll.), 2) eat more healthy-ful blueberries (Don’t you love my new word?), 3) rent the old movie “The Blob,” and 4) go back through this blobg and correct all of my English composition mistakes. Have a healthy-ful day, ya’ll!

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