Watermelon Water, Three Ways

There is this amazing little restaurant in a suburb of Chicago  that serves authentic Pre-Hispanic Mexican fare. I didn't even know what that was, but basically  it means that they don't use ingredients introduced after the Spanish came to Latin America. I'm not quite...

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Quinoa Taco Bowl

Our Recipe ReDux theme for February is Tacos! Everyone has a favorite taco recipe, but I'm pretty sure once you have tried my taco bowls you will be won over. Here's what my picky family had to say: "This is the best Mexican food you've ever made." What!?!? If that...

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Bethany Frazier, RDN, LD

As the voice behind The Kansas City Dietitian, Bethany is a licensed Dietitian with a Masters in Food and Nutrition. She is revolutionizing the way you think and approach food, creating a lifestyle that works for YOU.

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