Easiest Ever Black Bean Chili

A few weeks ago I was in the grocery store, waiting in a long line and enjoying the few moments of shopping without a tag along, I innocently struck up a conversation with the couple behind me. I commented on one of the items in their cart, they indulged this...
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3 Reasons to Avoid Restrictive Diets

Each year we eagerly wait for the ball to drop; for a fresh start. We long for each year to be THE year…. the year to get organized, or lose weight, or gain control of your finances or finally run that marathon. But responsibilities get in the way and those goals slip...
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Surviving the Holidays, Mindful-Style

Most of our lack of control during this time of year, which tends to lead us toward yo-yo dieting, is because of the mindless eating practices we follow the rest of the year. I often recommend a "no-diet" approach during the holiday season. This doesn't...
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