Boys (and some girls) think that the sound of exploding gas is hilarious.  My grandson at 7 months laughs hilariously at these tooting sounds.     

The sound may be funny but the feelings associated with these sounds can be quite uncomfortable. 

In recent Blogs I have introduced you to the sad truth associated with sugars.  Basically, Sugar=Bad

As long as I am raining on your parade, (and if you live in the Midwest you would be happy to have a parade rained on right now), there is more bad news. 

There is a very good chance these funny sounds are created due to something as simple as WHEAT!  There are many foods that can cause this reaction but wheat is rarely the one we think of first.

I have pooh-poohed (yes, pooh-pooh and toot-toot tend to go hand in hand, so to say) the popularity of Gluten free diets over the past few years.  But now it looks like the research is revealing that my old mantra of  “if it’s white, don’t bite” is quite accurate. 

Gluten refers to a family of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, malt, and also oats that are processed in a mill that processes wheat.

You might be asking, “How do I know if I have gluten/wheat sensitivity”?  

Here is a list of symptoms that indicate you may be wheat sensitive:



Skin Rashes



Arthritis conditions

Thyroid disease

Central Obesity



Incessant need to write Blogs about nutrition

And about 50 other possibilities.

So, for the next few Blogs we are going to learn about clearing gluten out of our diet. 

When I began sharing this with my co-workers they threw up their hands and whined that I was taking away all of their joy. 

I love my co-workers and I hate to make them joyless.  But, really there are some absolutely terrific foods left  to eat. 

How about this for starters, home made fresh salsa made with tomatoes, green onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime juice served with corn tortillas?  Corn doesn’t have gluten! 

Luv, Gas-X-WD

“Takes away the laughs but gives you a reason to smile!”

A gaseous Blog written by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian

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