A sweet Blog written by Glenna Moe Kansas City Dietitian

Sugar, ahhh

Honey honey

You are my candy girl

And you got me wanting you

Sing it with me now all of you Boomers.

Sugar, ahhh, Honey honey…..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MiQzAo6Cp8 (Archies 1969) 

Wait a minute!  I just had an epiphany! It is all the Archies fault.  They can be blamed for the obesity and diabetes epidemic.  Why didn’t I think of this before? 

As I told you in my last Blog, I went to a “Fat meeting” presented by “Fat specialists”.  They presented expensive new research.  If I would have had this epiphany earlier I could have gotten their research money. Bummer.

Hypothesis:  Listening to the Archies’ Song “Sugar Sugar” causes the uncontrollable urge to drink a Grape Nehi.

(If you would like to be a research participant just email me.)

So anyway, obesity and diabetes have skyrocketed over the past 30 years and the “Fat” researchers have determined it is related to, of all things, Sugar! Can you believe it? 

Yes, folks it is time to put a halt to the Archies.  I mean face it.  If this was what the hippies were listening to in the 70’s no wonder they have dementia now.  It was a really dumb song.
Oh wait, no, who cares about the song?  Our concern should be our sugar intake.  I dare you.  In fact I dare you with sugar on it, to go to your cupboard and drag out cans and boxes and look for any word in the ingredient list that ends in “ose.”  In fact, I challenge you to find anything at all in your cupboard that does NOT have “ose” in it.  When you see a word that contains “ose” it means it is a sugar.  You might find words like sucrose or fructose.  Before the Archies started singing their dumb song all of our food did not contain sugars.  But, now every single thing we eat contains some amount of sugar.  This constant onslaught of sugar is causing us to gain weight, even when we count calories. 

In my previous Blog I warned you to delete my Blogs before reading them.  Now you know why.  I have just told you that you can’t eat anything at all in your cupboard.  Don’t blame me.  The Archies did it. 

Sugar…Ahhh… Honey, honey… you are my everything….

Watch for more uplifting Blogs to find the answer to this dilemma. 

Luv, WD

A sweet Blog written by Glenna Moe Kansas City Dietitian

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