Today is January 17

Today is January 17.  (Happy Birthday, Katie!)

Blog written by Glenna Moe, Kansas City Dietitian

This means you are 17 days into your New Year’s Resolution.  Raise your hand if you are still keeping your resolution.  (Oh my gosh, put your hand down before someone sees you!) 

Did you start 2012 with the determination that THIS will be the year you will stick to your resolve?  (No I am not going to ask you to raise your hand again.)

Have you already given up?
Wonder Dietitian is here to save the year!  (Notice, I did not say DAY.  I am here to save the entire YEAR.) 

2012 will be the year to start BACKWARDS!

Do you always vow to start something new first thing in the morning? 

Well, this change is going to start at Sunset! 

Did you know the day begins at sunset?  Historically Judeo-Christian days start at sunset.  Sabbath begins at sunset.  I find great wisdom in this.

The foods eaten after sunset and the activities done after sunset determine how you will begin your next morning. 

Jumpstart toward making healthy choices today by changing the things you do after sunset. 

1.  Eat nothing after sunset today.  (Yes, I know the sun sets early, sheesh!) 

2.  Drink only water, skim milk or a relaxing herbal tea after sunset.   

3.  Spend at least 15 minutes on calming stretching exercises.  There are many good Yoga DVD’s for evening or just turn off the TV, get on the floor and gently stretch every muscle that you can find. 

Follow these 3 simple steps and you will sleep better and lose weight with very little effort. 

We will be talking more about this new “Sunset Wellness Diet.” 

Three more things:

1.  Yes, I really was disqualified from the contest.

2.  No, I have not been hired by Paula Dean to manage her diabetes, but “Hey, Paula Dean, if ya’ll are reading this, just give me a call, ya’ll!”

3.  Dear USDA, here are my contest winners:  Please send  prizes to:  Bob E. and Tracey M. 

Bob and Tracey, my guess is you will both be disqualified!   


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