Merry Excessmas!

 When did the celebration of Christ’s birth transition into the celebration of EXCESS? 

I have eaten more calories in the last week than I normally eat in a month.  How about you? 

Today’s Lesson:

Cattle typically wander around the field munching on whatever they can find all day long.  In the winter the farmer sets out hay to eat when there isn’t much else.  A few weeks before it is time for the poor cows to meet their maker they are herded into a feed lot.  In the feed lot they are fed excess amounts of food to fatten them up for slaughter.  Kind of a gross thought.  But, it is the way of the bovine.  (Kind of like being a Tom turkey)

So, here is my question for you: 

Just exactly what are you fattening yourself up for?  Winter hibernation?  If so, I need to tell you that bears do not eat all winter long.  They have a reason to fatten themselves up for the winter. 

You, my friend, do not!

Put down that chocolate covered peanut butter ball! 

When I was a little girl my Mom would sternly look at me and say “Behave!” (I know it is hard for you to believe that Wonder Dietitian wasn’t a perfect child.)

Go and sternly look at yourself in the mirror and say “Behave!”

A side note: Have you ever wondered why gyms have mirrors and restaurants do not?  When you look at yourself in the mirror while you are working out, it makes you want to work out harder.  If you were to watch yourself eat, it would make you want to stop. (Particularly if you are one of those who insist on chewing with your mouth open. Yuck!) So, my suggestion to you is, if you want to stop overeating get a job in a fun house that has all of those crazy mirrors all over the place.

So in this season of EXCESS, my wish for you this Christmas is that your tree would be decorated like mine! (Thanks Nikki!)

And I sincerely wish you a peace filled Christ-mass. 

With Love, WD


Merry Excessmas from Kansas City Dietitian Glenna Moe




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