Warning about Wonder Dietitian Imposter

Post by the Real Wonder Dietitian

Apparently a rather “mature” woman stole my cape and made a ridiculous video about Brogging (B-Blue Blueberries, R-Red peppers, O- Orange sweet potatoes, G-Green Brussels Sprouts) your plate.  

I want to tell everyone- This “mature” woman is NOT ME!  I am 30 something, no glasses, and quite muscular AND an outstanding actress!  If you see this imposter please let me know.  I want my cape back! 

I feel kind of sorry for the poor soul trying to steal my act.  So, I guess you could go ahead and vote for her silly old video. 

Some people are having problems with the website.  That isn’t my fault either.  Just keep trying. 

Signed, the Real Wonder Dietitian

Click link below to vote for the poor misguided soul!


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